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Established in 2018, Stackfusion Private Limited is the driving force behind groundbreaking SMART parking automation & Access Control solutions for Airports, Malls, Highways, Smart Cities, Railways Stations, Tech Parks, Residential Areas, Hospitals, Multi-level Car Parks, Ports and Industries. Our commitment to transforming the parking experience led to the creation of an innovative automated parking system seamlessly integrated with FASTag. This cutting-edge technology guarantees a hassle-free and efficient parking journey, automating everything from entry to exit.

Stackfusion's automated parking system, powered by advanced sensors, AI, and real-time data processing, optimizes parking space and minimizes wait times. Notably, our solution integrates with FASTag, a key player in India's electronic toll collection system. This not only streamlines vehicle movements but also boosts security, reducing unauthorized access risks.

Experience parking like never before—no more physical tickets or manual transactions. Stackfusion thrives on innovation and user-centric design, reshaping convenience and contributing to a sustainable urban mobility landscape towards creating SMART Cities. Join us as we push the tech boundaries, remaining at the forefront of intelligent solutions for today's ever-evolving society. Let's redefine the future of parking together!

Enter seamlessly, exit effortlessly – the future is ticketless



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Welcome to Stackfusion Private Limited, where work isn't just a four-letter word – it's a playground of innovation and hilarity! Join our team of tech enthusiasts, where coffee is our fuel, and coding is our jam. Whether you're a coding wizard or a tech prodigy, Stackfusion is the place to unleash your brilliance. We believe in teamwork, creativity, and the occasional nerf gun battle. At Stackfusion, we're not just coding the future; we're crafting it with a dash of humor. If you're ready for a career that's both exciting and amusing, buckle up! Your next adventure awaits at Stackfusion – where laughter meets code!